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Upcoming Telehealth Fraud and Abuse Webinar

I will be hosting a new one-hour webinar on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 2:00 pm CST entitled, “Telehealth Fraud and Abuse: What’s next in compliance and enforcement in healthcare’s hottest area?” Among other information, the webinar will cover: Telehealth background Telehealth reimbursement and compliance overview “Telemedicine fraud” actions to date What’s next for telehealth

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New CGx Criminal Complaint

Genetic testing, particularly cancer genomic testing (CGx), continues to be an enforcement target in cases involving telemedicine and beyond. The New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Office just announced the most recent criminal case involving CGx. On February 4, a criminal complaint in the District of New Jersey was filed against two men alleged to have paid

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NJ Doctor Sentenced in “Telemedicine” Case

Bernard Ogon was a New Jersey physician. As previously covered in the Case Tracker, he was alleged to have signed prescriptions for compounded medications regardless of medical need and without establishing a doctor-patient relationship, often never seeing the patient at all. After pleading guilty in 2019 to conspiring to commit healthcare fraud, Ogon was sentenced

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Telehealth enforcement and compliance: What’s next?

Over the next several weeks, we will be examining in greater depth what’s next for telehealth and telemedicine, particularly in the areas of compliance and enforcement. I recently published–with my colleague Janus Pan–a new article on Telehealth’s Moment, which begins this discussion and provides an overview of what lies ahead in telehealth law, enforcement, compliance,

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New COVID Bill’s Telehealth Provisions

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 was released yesterday. Amid the massive bill’s 5,000-plus pages are several portions related to telehealth. The two main changes involve Medicare reimbursement. First, the bill would add rural emergency hospitals to the list of eligible “originating sites” for telehealth services reimbursable by Medicare. Second, the bill would exempt certain

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More Telehealth News

Here’s an interesting article from the Journal of Informatics in Health and Medicine about the information-security issues inherent with telehealth’s growth (A short summary from Becker’s Hospital Review gives the highlights). Others have highlighted the concerns about telehealth and cybersecurity as we look ahead to 2021 and post-pandemic challenges. Of course, the pandemic isn’t over

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Telehealth links: ER Medicine, Rural Health Day, &c.

Timely article in the New York Times regarding telemedicine and its effect on emergency health care. ICYMI, last Thursday was National Rural Health Day, which focused further attention on telehealth’s promise for rural healthcare access. In other rural healthcare news, the USDA highlighted new efforts in eastern South Dakota . The initiative is part of

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