Connecticut Doctor Settles False Claims Act Case Over Telemedicine Allegations

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On September 27, 2019, the government brought a civil False Claims Act (FCA) complaint against Philippe Chain, a Connecticut doctor. The complaint alleged that Dr. Chain performed telehealth services for CallMD, a telemedicine company in Las Vegas, NV, by prescribing compounded medications to patients, including those covered by TriCare, a government medical benefits program for members of the military. According to the complaint, the prescriptions Chain authorized were invalid because Chain never examined or spoke to any of the patients or otherwise established a doctor-patient relationship before authorizing them. 

In a settlement agreement reached prior to the public filing of the complaint, Chain agreed to pay $300,000 to resolve the allegations.

Ty Howard

Ty Howard

Ty Howard is an attorney specializing in internal investigations, government enforcement, and white-collar criminal defense. A former federal and state prosecutor, Ty focuses his practice on helping businesses and individuals in highly regulated industries navigate government investigations, civil and criminal litigation, and compliance issues.

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